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Survivor Of Modern Slavery
Human Rights Advocate
Public Speaker

Book Nasreen Sheikh for your next speaking event and be inspired by her remarkable journey.
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As a survivor of modern slavery I devoted my life to raise global awareness and taking action to end modern slavery now! I do that by taking every day risks to share my testimony openly, to investigate my own personal experiences with modern slavery so hopefully one day we can understand this complex issues and build a bridge to free about 50 million people that still remain in slavery.


My work impact more than 160 countries and serves as a catalyst for global reconciliation via Transpara Trade agreement and Seven Keys. By raising awareness and taking action I champion the causes of all survivors of modern slavery by working with Local women’s Handicrafts, Empowerment Collective and Global commission to end modern slavery.  Along with my artistic skills, I champion the causes I document and have been invited to deliver speeches at the UN, EU Parliament, The Vatican, & TEDx stages.

Let's connect if you would like to work with me.

Empowerment Collective

Empowerment Collective, founded by Nasreen Sheikh, a survivor of modern slavery, stands as a inspiring force in the global movement to end modern slavery now. Our unique structure, comprising survivors and individuals with lived experiences, infuses every action with integrity and honor, inspiring our team to effect meaningful change. By empowering survivors towards economic independence and leadership, challenging stereotypes, and advocating for ethical practices and policies. Empowerment Collective not only transforms individual lives but also shapes societal norms, driving us closer to a world where freedom and dignity are inalienable human rights.


Local Women's Handicrafts

Local Women’s Handicrafts was founded with a big goal: To lift artisans up who have been exploited in fashion industry; to provide them dignified jobs that give them opportunity, skills, and a sense of independence; Nasreen Sheikh founded LWH as a small shop in Kathmandu when she was still a teenager. As a survivor of Modern Slavery, she opened LWH to take control of her own destiny and give herself the kind of hope she’d previously never thought possible. Nasreen soon began supporting artisans who made handcrafted textiles they could sell at her shop and receive living wage. As she saw the artisans  gain confidence and light return to their eyes, she realized she had the opportunity to support disadvantaged artisans. With your support we have touched 100's of artisans life. Our goal is to support all artisans and create a textile industry that honors sustainability, human rights and dignity.

Collaborate with Nasreen Sheikh

Invite Nasreen Sheikh to your event, fundraiser, college, or for media interviews, and experience the power of her transformative story. From overcoming extreme poverty, child labor, and forced marriage to becoming a renowned social entrepreneur and international speaker, Nasreen's journey is a testament to resilience and change. Her impactful speeches and keynotes have inspired millions, promoting awareness on modern slavery's interconnected issues. Having addressed the United Nations, the European Union, and corporations like Google and Amazon, her advocacy is far-reaching. Nasreen's message of conscious consumerism and her commitment to ensuring seven inalienable human rights for every child make her an invaluable voice for events aimed at creating a just, transparent, and harm-free world.

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