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Reflecting on the Freedom Fund 10th Anniversary Event: A Convergence of Minds and Missions

Last week, I had the profound honor of speaking at the Freedom Fund 10 anniversary event in London, a gathering that not only marked an important milestone but also brought together diverse voices committed to ending modern slavery. I am deeply grateful to the wonderful team at the Freedom Fund for not only hosting this significant event but also for their ongoing support of the women of Local Women’s Handicrafts in creating a 100% transparent trade product.

The event showcased an incredible array of speakers, each bridging deep understanding of the entrenched issues of modern slavery with proactive solutions within their sectors. I was particularly moved by the insights shared by Isabella de Roadao from Brazil, who spoke with fervor about the critical role of women at the forefront of this issues. The vital need for inclusive strategies that empower women as key agents of change.

Equally impactful was Steve Trent, who shed light on the dire conditions of supply chains reliant on modern slavery. His call to corporate leaders was clear and compelling—there is an urgent need to rectify these injustices within their realms, building not just regulatory compliance but a fundamental shift towards ethical practices.

Another highlight for me was hearing from Cindy Dyer who is diligently working towards survivor inclusion on the United States presidential advisory panel. her efforts to ensure that survivors' voices are integral to crafting governmental solutions was truly inspiring.

In my own remarks, I shared my perspective on modern slavery as a mass global human rights epidemic related to both genocide and ecocide. While wars like those in Ukraine and Gaza receive daily media coverage, the plight of the 50 million people enduring forms of torture and severe human rights violations within our supply chains remains largely unheard. This disparity in attention is something we must strive to change.

The testimonies of survivors, including my own, are not just narratives of pain but powerful tools of change. They bring authenticity and urgency to the dialogue, positioning survivors to work side by side with global leaders from faith communities, academia, and the corporate world. Together, we are pushing for a transparent supply chain system that is integrally linked to our global economic system, ensuring that ethical practices are at the heart of commerce.

As we continue to share our stories and collaborate on these critical issues, I am reminded of the strength found in unity and the power of collective advocacy. The Freedom Fund event was not just a conference; it was a call to action—a reminder that each of us has a role to play in shaping a more connected world.

Thank you to everyone involved in making the Freedom Fund anniversary event an incredible experience to what we can achieve together. Let’s carry forward the momentum and continue to build a world where modern slavery is exiled to the history books.



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