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2023 A Year of Healing, Hope, and Harmonious Change

As we stand on the begging of 2024, I am so excited to share with you all my reflection on 2023 looking back at the journey we've cross, and for setting intentions for the path ahead. For me 2023 was embodied a profound period of internal growth, healing, and a deepened connection with my roots. unwavering commitment to making a difference, continues to inspire and ignite hope across my own community and sharing these experiences globally with you all is so heart warming.

A Journey of Healing and Connection

The past year for me was marked by an enriching immersion into the wisdom of my elders and community—a community that holds the ancient secrets of living in harmony with nature. where the earth speaks and the sky listens, i discovered 100’s of sacred practices that have been the cornerstone of my community's existence. From venerating trees and animals to honoring the sun and water, i witnessed the daily endeavors of my people to maintain the delicate balance of life.

These practices, deeply interconnected with the fabric of the community, serve as a powerful reminder of the symbiotic relationship we share with the natural world. My time with my community was not just a journey back to my roots but a profound lesson in the importance of preserving these age-old traditions against the backdrop of the modern world's challenges.

Facing Challenges with Resilience

The shadow of the climate crisis, coupled with the persistent issue of modern slavery, sends a long shadow over my community, placing them in a particularly vulnerable position. Witnessing these challenges firsthand has been a heart-wrenching experience for me. Yet, it has only strengthened my resolve to protect and preserve the cultural and environmental heritage of my people.

Through my social business Local women’s Handicrafts and my foundation Empowerment Collective, I have been tirelessly working to support my community, ensuring that their practices, land, and livelihoods are safeguarded. My efforts are aimed at not just providing immediate relief but empowering my community to lead in preserving their way of life.

Gratitude and Partnerships

My journey of making a tangible impact would not have been possible without the support of organizations like Moonshot, Asahi, and my foundation Empowerment Collective and all of you who have been supporting from very beginning. These partnerships have enabled me to extend my reach, touching the lives of not just hundreds, but thousands of individuals. Through collaborative efforts, I have been able to amplify my work, bringing much-needed attention and resources to the pressing issues facing my community.

I feel so much gratitude to these organizations the power of collective action and the difference it can make in driving grassroots change. It's an indication to the idea that when we come together, united by a common purpose, the impact can be massive.

A Prayer for the Future

As i look ahead to 2024, my heart is filled with prayers and hopes for guidance, strength, and the ability to serve in the most honorable way possible. My call to action for each of us to play our part in creating a world that is more kinder more sustainable, and more humanitarian.

My message to all of us is to not give up of our joy, love, and gratitude—a humble reminder that even in the face of challenges we can find strength in our roots, in our communities, and in the natural world that sustains us. It's a call to remember the power of healing, the importance of preserving our heritage, and the impact we can make when we come together.




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