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My Story & Testimony

Nasreen Sheikh's compelling testimony as a survivor of modern slavery is a sobering reminder of the pervasive nature of this global issue. Her personal account, coupled with those of countless other survivors, is creating a compelling body of evidence that underscores the urgent need for corporate oversight in eliminating slavery from global supply chains.

Nasreen's experiences shed light on the often-hidden realities of forced labor and exploitation, challenging corporations to scrutinize and transform their supply chain practices. Her story, and those of other survivors, highlight the importance of transparency and accountability in business operations.

These testimonies are not just individual stories; they represent a collective call for change. They are driving a movement that demands ethical sourcing, fair labor practices, and corporate responsibility. By giving voice to their experiences, survivors like Nasreen are leading the charge in advocating for legislative reforms and corporate policies that prioritize human rights and dignity.

As more survivors share their stories, the momentum for change grows. Their testimonies serve as a powerful tool in educating the public, influencing policymakers, and holding businesses accountable. This growing awareness is a crucial step towards a world where modern slavery is eradicated, and ethical business practices are the norm.



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